Earthworms (Autumn term – The Wild Place, Milton Country Park)

Fees: £7.50 for 1 child plus parent/s
£10 for family of more than one child plus parent/s

Full terms must be booked for Earthworms. All Autumn 2018 Earthworms sessions will be booked at the same time. It is not possible to book individual sessions.

Thursday 20.09.18 to Thursday 18.10.18 inclusive (6 sessions)
(Half term so no session on Thursday 25.10.18)
Thursday 01.11.18 to Thursday 13.12.18 inclusive (7 sessions)
12 sessions

Thursdays 09:30-11:30
Wednesdays 09.30 – 11.30
The Wild Place, Milton Country Park
(Children are accompanied by their parent/carer)

The session fee includes drinks and snacks prepared on the fire.
(Payable termly in advance)

If you would like to make a booking after a term has started please contact Ruth via our Contact-us page or complete and return the form here: Booking form